Saturday, September 11, 2010

Russian Fall Fashion

This post is in honor of my lovely cousins in Russia who are beautiful ladies inside and out! I really like the colors and textures of these outfits!
I look forward to all things Fall! The crispness in the morning air, chilly nights that make you yearn for a hot cup of tea in your favorite tea cup, Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, fall scented candles, the colors ( orange , red, yellow),wearing sweaters and jackets, Thanksgiving coming which is such a cozy holiday, winter just around the corner. I love when the leaves are brilliantly colored on the trees and I love the end of Fall when the trees are bare. I don't think it looks depressing at all , I love the classic look of a bare tree!
But, alas, it is 94 degrees outside today! Please come soon sweet Autumn!


  1. It was cool enough during the day today to work in the yard without too much "glow" and tonight we have shut all the windows in the TV room because it got too cool! The first time so far this season, so it's cooling down here in Delaware! It won't be too long now!

  2. Great looking outfits! I'm in Illinois and it's been wonderful lately. Nice and cool. AC is off and I hope it stays off.

  3. These colors are warm and inviting. It's been much cooler here in NC lately but leaves are not yet turning. We'll be gorgeous mid-October.

  4. i especially love the last ones -jenny f