Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pumpkin Spice Frappaccino Time (cause it's too hot for a Latte)

All I know, is that I better start training to jog or run or something, because I find it near impossible to stay away from certain things for too long. Like..the Pumpkin Spice anything from Starbucks! Thankfully, it is not available all year round and thankfully, (no not really) the nearest one is 45 minutes away. Otherwise it might become a daily obsession. I think I have been brainwashed into believing that fall and winter equals Pumpkin Spice. I loved the lattes when I lived in Florida as it was the only way you knew it was Fall since the thermometer never got the memo. And this year in Alabama, the summer was sweltering, and even though this past weekend was simply gorgeous out, it has returned to the sad and miserable, low to mid 90s. That is why I got the Frappaccino instead of the Latte and boy was it tasty!
Maybe I will try to focus more on the scent instead of the flavor by buying more candles...


  1. i can just smell the pumpkin spice. yum.

  2. Have the frapppacino and skip a couple of other snacks during the week. It's only fall for several months a year...take advantage of it! LOL

    It go warm here again, too, but it's howling outside so I'm hoping it's blowing in some cool weather!

  3. You can totally make a way better for you version of the pumpkin spice latte at home. I'm sure you know that, and its not nearly as fun (ok and it doesn't taste QUITE as good) as going there, but- ...I make them here at home for us, with stevia, and it makes me feel a whole lot better :) Because just like you, I'm totally addicted. Once September 1st rolls around, its go time, in pumpkinland.

  4. Oh in Oklahoma, where summer has made a quick last hooray (and I''m so glad!) pumpkin spice frappachinos are a welcome addition to our fall, even if it is officially ten days away. Sure looks yummy.

    Liz (aka Ninny)

  5. omg, yum! ive had like 4 pumpkin spiced lattes since they've come back.

    makes me think of fall!