Monday, September 27, 2010

sidewalks. try one today.

It's funny how little things can trigger such vast emotions when you least expect it. Like today, I went for a late afternoon walk just after it had stopped raining. There were little bursts of wind along my route that showered me ever so lightly with rain drops that were still clinging to the leaves. The light hits everything differently at this time of day and as I sauntered along I briefly felt like a teenager when I would walk a mile to and from my high school or from my friends house that was on the way.
I actually loved walking back then, not because I was in to health or anything, but I loved the golden glow of late afternoon, the sound of the wind rustling through trees, the smells of homes where savory smelling dinners were roasting. I loved hearing and seeing the birds chirp about, the leaves change in fall, the bare trees in winter, looking at peoples yards that were cheerfully landscaped with colorful foliage, imagining the cozy interiors of those places. I liked being just a little too cold on my walks because I knew that hot tea or hot cocoa at home would just hit the spot.
As I have mentioned many times before, I lived in Florida for 25 years before coming to Alabama and I now live in a neighborhood that is quite similar to some areas in New York. Stores nearby in a small downtown, homes close together but with nice back yards, tree lined streets and sidewalks. Sidewalks just weren't that common where we lived in Florida, and I had no idea that I missed them until I moved here and were excited about them.
You just never know what will make you feel young again. Sidewalks. Try one today.


  1. I'd enjoy the sidewalks in a small town like yours.

  2. I lived outside of Orlando for 8 years...never thought about it, but I lived in a great neighborhood WITHOUT sidewalks! In the past 15 years we've lived in two small northern towns with brick sidewalks, tree lined, and otherwise just homey. Like you, I am enjoying it! Nice post; something for your kids and grandkids to know about you.

  3. Wow! I really love the pictures, wish I was there!

  4. We cherish our sidewalks, too! A walk does a mind good.

  5. OH! Your blog looks gorgeous! I love your autumn themed banner. And this post was beautiful, and made me want to get off of my lazy curious george watching butt, to go out and enjoy the breeze. I've been trying to get back out there everyday, but somedays it just doesn't happen. I need to MAKE it happen.