Thursday, July 8, 2010

Light Stuff

I love the vintage and quirky look of these hanging lights and I would love to do this in my house but with light bulbs that wouldn't be too glaring. Makes my creative juices can I make my own for really cheap...?
A friend of ours has one from Urban Outfitters in her bathroom and it looks great!
Anybody out there make your own, by any chance?


  1. I haven't made my own before but I might try after seeing some of these. I love the Vintage Chandelier with the canning jars and the Caribou Industrial...I like them all! Thanks for sharing these. Vicki

  2. Very cool. Have no idea how to make these, but there might be an Etsy tutorial.

  3. I'd have to ponder on the idea of making one (although I think maybe a "retro-fit" of an old one I have...) Anyway, I love the look!!!

  4. Those are cool! I wouldn't trust myself with anything electric, but I'd love too see if you make one!!