Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I wished it would never end...

Kavi feeding a baby donkey

The past two weeks I have been sparse on here for a very good reason. Ray and I went to Florida for 4 days to visit with my daughter, her husband and their adorable son, then brought Christina and Kavi (2 1/2 year old grandson) back to Alabama with us, to be joined a few days later by my son in law. We had almost two weeks together and it was the best time we ever had!
We went to many area places like Noccalula Falls where there is a choo choo ride, farm animals, a lion and some other animals, and of course a waterfall, all in a beautiful setting. And Imagination Place, a play area for kids with a little town set up for kids to play in with a grocery store, post office, bank,play house with kitchen and play clothes, and a big truck play area among other things. And we visited a dairy nearby where Kavi just loved the moo-ing cows. And, two state parks! Cheaha had beautiful mountain vistas as it has the highest elevation in Alabama and a little lake that Kavi splashed around in. When we left Cheaha it was a little before sunset and we saw a beautiful deer bounding across the road, then a little further along we saw an actual AMISH lady working in her garden! I didn't know there were AMISH even around here and it made me soo excited to see her! A DEER and an AMISH lady all within minutes of each other!! We sat on the grass outsid eof Mellow Mushroom to watch fireworks then and we spent Fourth of July at our dear friends house and had a wonderful time eating barbecue, hanging out and talking!
We also went to Oak Mountain State Park where they had a nice lake and petting zoo, but didn't stay too long because it was sweltering hot. Kavi loved all the animals and bravely petted each one, even feeding grass to a baby donkey!
We went to Urban Standard Coffee House and Taj Curry House in Birmingham and to browse through a few antique shops in nearby Attalla and of course to the Rainbow Sno Cone stand for the best sno cones ever!
We felt like we were away on vacation, even though we were home because there were so many fun things to do! And there are even more that we want to experience with them the next time they come here, like Lake Guntersville, Mentone, Little River Canyon. They are all mountain and lake areas that are so scenic and would be especially nice during Fall!
Well, now they are back home in Florida and even though I feel like I am in a large dark vacuum, I also have a warm feeling inside as I live off the memories of our sweet grandson and lovely daughter and incredible son in law. I feel so blessed with my awesome family :)


  1. Such nice memories and sweet photos. You're a lucky lady!

  2. Look ar the little mans moustache. Just charming!

    Its good to spend time with the family. And cherish each second. Even better when it feels liek a holiday for you too.

  3. The picture of him feeding the Donkey, is TOO CUTE.

    Donkey's, thanks to Shrek, are my kids favorite animal. They would have died of happiness.

    So awesome that you got to have that quality time with your family. Such a blessing.

  4. LOVE the mustache! Too funny :)
    Looks like you had a great time. That barn is amazing!!

  5. The mustache is so cute...looks like a little Frenchman that lost his beret! There just is nothing like the grandkids, is there? So much fun for the grandparent and so important for the grandkids!

  6. Gosh, it DOES sound like you were on vacation!! How much fun!!! I can not believe he was so brave around all those animals! My little nephew would have said: "I want to hold you." -he gets it a little backwards...

    Glad you are back and glad you had a fabulous visit!

  7. What interesting and fun places to visit. And I so love all the memories you're making with your grandson.

  8. i'm so glad you were all able to visit!! what a special time! :)

  9. Kavi is so adorable!! I know what you mean about wishing it would never end. It sounds like you had such a magical time.