Wednesday, June 9, 2010

what?! third morning in JUNE!

umm....the weather channel said it was only 71!

fellow walker in pink, we waved at each other

My husband suggested I challenge myself to walk this morning even if it wasn't in the oh so lovely 60's. After all, I could just walk back home if I got too hot, and I could also hear Jillian Michaels saying "this won't kill you, being out of shape is what will kill you". I also thought of Tia who lives in Texas, is pregnant and pushes two little kids in a stroller during her humid 70s and 80s mornings. So out I went, water bottle in hand and headed to the downtown area again. The walk isn't shady for a lot of it and it was quite sunny, but I just kept putting one foot in front of the other. I had a goal to walk to a coffee shop in town and ordering an iced decaf americano to make the second half of the walk more fun. Unfortunately the guy who took my order made me a HOT decaf americano, and I thought, "oh no, this won't do, I am hot, it is hot outside AND I get hot flashes" so HOT was a dirty word to me at that time. So...I asked for a cup of ice that I could dump it all in and the fella brought me a tiny cup of ice assuming I wanted to just add some to my hot coffee, so not much fit in the cup but I didn't feel like asking for another BIGGER cup of ice, so I just took it and added the rest of the ice to my water bottle and went along my way. The ice in my coffee made it weak and I hate weak coffee, and it was still warm and not very refreshing so after a couple of streets I chucked it in the trash! So much for my romanticized idea of walking to my quaint downtown and sipping a lovely iced beverage for the rest of my journey that morning!
And much to my surprise a church sign said it was 83 degrees! And I lived to tell the story! Thanks honey for challenging me to do it and Jillian was right, I didn't die!


  1. Dolly, you are so funny! And also too nice...why didn't you just tell the clerk he got your order wrong and get your iced beverage?
    I think it is great that you are still walking every morning. Maybe someday you will inspire me to start walking outside instead of on the treadmill. I know the scenery is much better outside.

  2. I know, I should have just asked for what I ordered! Hey, If I had a treadmill, I would use it inside! Florida mornings are way more brutal than here and who knows how long I will keep up with the outside stuff! I have dvd's to use for inside anyway!

  3. You have such a pretty town to walk in. Keep up the good work.

  4. Aren't you blessed to have such a nice little town to walk in. Wish we were close to town. I think I would enjoy walking a lot more if it were in a lovely little town. Good for you to be walking everyday!

  5. OH the hot coffee sounds tremendous. I am proud of you for walking in the heat! Aubrey went out for a walk this morning but I stayed behind. I like that Jillian Michaels quote! I will have to remember that one- maybe it will make me get my lazy tail out of the bed!

  6. Good job mom! hehehe Stupid wrong coffee order!

  7. I thought of you this morning too :)

    I didn't get out on my walk until 9am, and by then it was already hot and muggy. I wanted to go home and go back to sleep, but knew that nobody would benefit from that. I watched Jillian last night too!! And watching her show motivated me to keep up with my healthy lifestyle, so that I'll never be the mom with the 12 year old trying to protect me from the personal trainer.

    But anyways, this morning as I was walking, I kept thinking about how I wish I had a walking buddy. My husband actually came with me this morning, and while the company is nice, its not the same. Hes not a woman, and how am I supposed to complain about my husband TO my husband? But then I thought about you, and I wondered if maybe you were out walking at the same time I was walking :)

    I'm sad to hear of your ruined coffee. Its just not the same if it isn't what you wanted :(

  8. Tia, all the encouragement helps so much! I hardly moved at all during my pregnancies so for you to go walking at 9AM is great! If we lived in the same area and were walking buddies, I bet you would leave me in the dust, pregnant and pushing stroller and all!
    When I first started reading your blog you were doing the Jillian 20 minute shred, and I told Christina about it and she started following you too. She has done parts of that DVD she found on youtube and I even bought it but haven't actually tried it yet!