Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Memorable Weekend

Jenny and Domma
Jenny and Becky
Old Grist mill at Noccalula Falls

beautiful flowers throughout the park

hydrangeas a plenty

View from the top of the mountain overlooking Gadsden
This past weekend we were so excited to have two friends come stay with us that we have known for 24 years! Becky and her daughter Domma were both born in Hawaii but moved to Florida in the 80's. Becky is the mother of seven children, she is 61 and runs Marathons! She walks everywhere in Florida, to stores, to people's houses, even through the sweltering hot summers and that is after a good 12 mile EARLY morning run! She has like NO body fat, just lean muscle on her petite little body. She is no bragger though, so you don't feel inferior being around her, considering the slouch that you are, just inspired to be more like her! Domma has known my daughters since she was two, and they were three and four, as well as her oldest sister and very rambunctious when they were little, brothers!
Becky walked with me one morning and insisted (because she is soooo nice) that the pace we were walking at was her usual pace but I doubt it very much! She was able to talk without being at all breathy, while I am still rather huffy and puffy, and do a lot of heavy breathing in between my words. And did I mention that she jogs MARATHONS??
We had an impromptu luau at our house for our guests with our family, no roast pig or poi but plenty of paper lanterns, plastic beachy mural and cool straws with pinapples on them. We visited Noccallula Falls with them, a state park about three miles from here and showed them the lookout point on the mountain which overlooks our town, watched Becky do some traditional hula dances that she learned as a little girl and it was really beautiful. Her heart is still in that tropical land and she hopes to return there again. Each night Becky went to sleep early, a habit she developed in order to have quiet time while her 7 kids were little, so we just relaxed during the evening. The time went by way too fast and there were more places and people we wanted her to see, but alas, two days are hardly any time at all when it comes to good friends! Becky is one of my heroes, not just because she can run during sweltering heat, but because she is a humble, down to earth, funny, woman of great faith that has weathered many storms in her life but has become sweeter and sweeter with every passing year!


  1. Good friends are a great gift. It sounds like you all had a wonderful time together, and the scenery is lovely.

  2. She sounds like a really great friend!! I am so glad you are sticking with the walking- way to go!! You will be able to go the extra mile when the worlds largest garage sale comes to town!!

    Aubrey's mom is Hawaiian and she is all energy too! Maybe it is a cultural thing!

  3. The pictures all look very nice!

  4. Glad your visit went well. Hope Becky liked it enough to move there soon. The more the merrier.