Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"Whole Note", you complete me...

a collage of the dining room

Gabriella's lovely home

more home pics

Sometimes, the word restaurant, just isn't enough to describe a place. A place that has feelings, emotions, warmth, coziness and homemade delicious food at reasonable prices.
There is a small, (hardly even noticed when driving by), restaurant in Florida that is only open Tuesday through Friday from 11AM to 1PM, serving a limited menu that has hardly changed in the two decades we have gone there. "Whole Note Acres" my friend, is my favorite of all time place! I took my daughters there for lunch numerous times when they were little, as we only lived about three miles from it. Each day, a different quiche and soup were offered, with a fresh side salad with delicious yogurt dressing and sunflower seeds always available, and at least four different desserts served daily. For a base price you get one item which includes free home baked white bread, whole wheat cinnamon oat bread, home made apple butter, coffee, tea, iced tea, lemonade,( as much as you want of one or all), and than only a dollar extra for any additional item!
The restaurant is attached to the owner, Gabriella's, home, and is round in shape, like a whole note in music. Every room in her house is also round and is the cutest most unique house I have ever been in. Gabriella allows anyone who wants to, to walk through her house which is filled with an eclectic mix of antiques and home made decor. I walk through it every time, because I always get a warm fuzzy feeling from it!
The owner is in her seventies and has more energy than me! She has eight children, numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren and you have a sense of love and warmth and family in her home and dining area.
A few years back I bought her cookbook with great anticipation, so I could make my favorites at home and I especially appreciate that, since I live in Alabama now and only occasionally get to visit this special place! Perhaps I will soon post one of her recipes so you too can taste the "Whole Note" goodness!


  1. wow, it looks like such a secret and wonderful place! i wish there was something like that near us but the uniqueness of it is really what makes it so special. i've always wanted to open up a place like that..some kind of b&b and have a small menu with local ingredients!

    thanks for sharing :)

  2. A neat place and the menu sounds divine. Wonder how far a drive it is from here?

  3. Sound like a wonderful place. I'd love it if you would share some of those recipes with this Oklahoma Granny!