Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Antique Alley, Antique Shmalley!

happy donkeys along the route

stuff along the road

one of the set ups closer to our area, we bought that green table on the left!

Well, I had been really looking forward to this past Saturday's trip up Antique Alley towards Chattanooga for months now! I posted about the local area of the event a few days ago, saying how it was more busy than previous years so I had even higher hopes for the further north locations!
Let me tell ya, it was practically a total bust! The locations set up closest to home ended up being the best! We drove all the way into downtown Chattanooga, because all along the route before that seamed more and more sparse, so I thought , surely Chattanooga in the fine ole touristy state of Tennessee would have great things set up for sale, but I guess Chattanooga didn't get the memo! Absolutely nothing was set up there!
So my husband and I got some delicious Clumpie's Ice Cream and headed back home! It was fun just being together and the ride was absolutely beautiful, so all was not lost! On the way back we actually picked up a few things at some sites near our area, but nothing really great! One nice thing was a green metal patio table for our back deck that we got for $10.
Who would have thunk it that the best set up and variety was right in our own back yard? Sometimes the grass is greener on this side!


  1. Awww, booo for lack of amazing finds. The one time we went out to the big flea market advertised a few towns away... it was awful. Not only was there nothing there of interest, but we all got eaten alive by misquitos.

    Better luck next time.

    (at least you got to see some happy donkeys!)

  2. Aw man, sorry about that!

    Keep it up with the journaling. I've slacked off, but I have created a schedule where I eat small things every two hours or so. So far it's worked, but I need to keep it up on the weekends...that's my downfall. I don't know if I've lost much more, but some clothes are fitting better so I think it's working!

  3. Sorry to hear that! Sometimes it is just best to stay home- but you never know until you try!

    Did you get that yellow egg basket?? It is to die for!

  4. Time together was the best treasure you found! Your day was a success.

  5. A road trip and ice cream sounds like a great time even if few material treasures were found.