Thursday, May 20, 2010

All Things Are Possible!

Well, this morning was my second day of going for walks for fitness! I am usually NOT a morning person at all, I had been using my exercise bike for years now, usually in the evening for a half hour work out. But evil sciatica hit me a few weeks ago and it seems that the incumbent bike irritates that area. And I am pretty much terrified of getting it again, so I thought I should lay off the bike for a while!
But...I need very badly to exercise, I need to lose weight and get my cholesterol down, and...I am not getting any younger, so miraculously, and I don't use that term lightly, yesterday I awoke, showered, got dressed and headed out into the historical district which starts a block away. The walk was very refreshing, it was still cool, the birds were chirping and flitting around the trees and shrubs, it was shady, and such pretty houses to look at. There are little hilly parts too which make me work harder and I also need that challenge.
A neighbor even offered to walk with me sometimes, telling me that she lost 40 pounds during a summer of early morning walking and that inspired me some more. I don't mind walking alone at all though, it is a good time to pray, meditate, sing songs in my head and think about the day.
And, early last evening my daughter and Rachel wanted to walk/jog and I went with them for about another half hour, but they are young, so alas, I walked back before they were through. But, I was happy to have put in an hour of vigorous walking all together and it made me want to do it again this morning!
Now, for all my fellow "seasoned" ladies out there who know what hot flashes are, you also know that this seems like a rather dumb time of the year to start this routine. I am hoping that early enough in the morning will be tolerable for me, but I can always do some exercise videos at home. ( I have a bunch of them) But, I definitely felt like it was a better workout to walk out in the real world, so... I would appreciate any prayers for me to continue along these lines! Thanks guys!


  1. Good luck with your exercise plan. You can do it!!!! I have been working on my eliptical machine but have developed tendonitis. Believe me....I need the exercise.......


  2. I've been forcing myself out of the house in the mornings, before the heat moves in, to take my babies for walks. Its mostly for me, because as I get farther along in my pregnancy, I get more and more hungry, and I can't say that I've been avoiding the tofu cheesecakes the way that I should. It IS hard to get up and push yourself to go do it, especially that early, when you could be all snuggled up on the couch drinking a nice cup of coffee, but in the end its always worth it, isn't it.

    GOOD FOR YOU. I hope that your motivation stays at its max.

    I always feel a connection with someone that I pass while out walking. If it wouldn't seem at all creepy, I'd reach out and give them a high five. Today I didn't see anybody on my walk. Yesterday, only one person. Where IS everybody at 8:30 in the morning??

  3. I love to walk by myself! You are right, it gives you time to think and you can keep your own pace! It will get hot, but maybe when it gets too hot you can walk at a local mall?

  4. Keep up the good work Darlene!! Every morning I say to myself this is the morning to pound the pavement, but other things come up..
    I don't like walking by myself so this may be my problem, but as you said this could be my prayer time and thoughts about family and life!!
    Thanks for giving me the push I need..
    Lee Ann

  5. When I walk, which is not often enough, I always think about how good I'm going to feel when I'm done. Then once I start walking I enjoy being outdoors, soaking in the fresh air and sounds of nature. Keep up the good work!

  6. thanks so much for your encouragement guys!

  7. i needed to read this. i've gained A LOT of weight in the last couple years and am so unhappy about it. and now with my bum knees exercise is so much more difficult. it may sound silly, but reading that you managed to just get out of bed and go for a nice morning walk is inspiring because we've all got to start somewhere! i'll be rooting for you from my little corner of the world and trying to get out there myself!! thanks for sharing this!