Monday, February 1, 2010

My Week In Limbo.....achoo

Well friends, I have been quite under the weather since a week ago...Immediatley upon returning from a bittersweet trip to Florida, I found myself achy, shivering, stuffy, coughy and generally pooped out!
Me and my family here in Alabama went to Florida for two very important reasons, one being to attend the funeral for one of my dearest and sweetest friends that I have had since 1978, Mary. Mary fought a good fight against breast cancer, but sadly passed away from this world, friends and family to heaven where she is free from all suffering and pain and enviably in the presence of the Lord where there is perfect joy. Prayer is however needed for her wonderful husband Jerry and two daughters and three grandkids who are devastated by the loss of one so precious as she. It is so sad yet so beautiful that the greatest love produces the greatest pain when this separation comes. There were hundreds at the service, the biggest crowd I have ever been at for a funeral, which is a true testament of the kind of woman Mary was. I even hate to say the word "was", because she is still alive, just in another world, and she will always live in the memories of those who knew her.
The second reason for the trip was to celebrate the 2nd birthday of my grandson Kavi, who is the greatest joy in all of our lives! My favorite thing is to have him spontaneously come over to you and hug you while saying the most affectionate sounding "ohhhhhhh" while doing it. Sometimes it is followed by the spontaneous kiss along with his two sweet hands on your cheeks and smooch at the end! Ahhhh....I love that kid! Kavi is obsessed with cars, it was one of his first words, and he still says "CARRRRRR" is the most astonished and happy sounding voice when one drives down his street. Of course he talks a lot, but that still seems to be one of his favorite words next to mom, mom, mom and dadadadadad. We are working on him saying Nanny (me) and grandpa (ray) and he does say them really cute, especially grandpa which sounds like
" pomp puaaaaa" So cute!!!!
Well, this feels like the first time in a week where I could reflect on that trip and it feels good! Maybe I will be out of limbo soon!!!


  1. So sorry that your friend lost her battle with cancer. I'll add her husband to my prayer list.

    Aren't grandkids the greatest!

  2. Saying up a prayer for your friend's husband and family and for you too. It is so hard to lose someone you love, even when we know they are in a far better place. (((hugs)))

  3. So sorry to hear your news about your friend, of course it goes without saying that healing prayers are winging their way over the water for both her family and you x
    Thanks for your comment on my blog also. I'm afraid that there still seem to be problems so I have imported it to a new blog address. If you would like to continue to follow me I would love it. The new address is:
    and my card one is now
    I shall no longer post to the old blog - fingers crossed this will solve the problem. I hope to see you over on the new blog, meanwhile take care of yourself. Jo x