Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My First Craft Bazaar!!!!!

This Saturday and Sunday I will be selling my goods at a craft bazaar in downtown Birmingham Alabama!! A friend of my girls, highly recommended that I try to sell at this bazaar since she had been to it before and really loved it. She tipped me off to another craft show , "Moss Rock Festival" that was in Hoover, Alabama in a gorgeous setting and it was the first craft fair I had ever been to that wasn't an old lady craft event! (you know, crocheted toilet paper covers!) There were all kinds of people and ages that attended it, and it was a lovely fall day and I wanted to buy so many things there.
So, I am a little nervous since it is my first and I am trying to make more hats and things before the weekend, AND I only have FOUR FEET to work in! I plan on doing a practice set up and hope that I can feature my things without it being cluttered! I will post pictures of my practice run through and of course take a zillion pictures at the event

Bottletree is a cafe and a venue for shows featuring local bands.

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  1. Well done for being brave and taking the first step - My friends went on and on about selling my cards at work, and when I finally did it I sold £100 worth in the first week - amazing - Trust that your friends won't steer you wrong and just have fun x Jo @ cornish-beachbrummie.blogspot.com