Monday, December 7, 2009

A+++++++++++Weekend!!!!!!! Part ONE

I am so exited to post about this past weekend! My first craft bazaar in real life, ( I have only sold on etsy and to friends at my house) and the beautiful ride down to Birmingham the first morning of the event!
We (me, my husband Ray, daughter Jenny and Rachel) got up bright and early to drive an hour to the site and it was a pretty cold morning. The weathermen had predicted snow flurries sometime during the night, but there was no sign of it as we left the house or for the first part of the ride. Well, magically, about twenty minutes down 59South we began to notice that the hills were frosty looking which resulted in cries of happiness which shortly turned to gleeful "oh my stinkin' gosh"es when the trees and grass surrounding the highway started looking like someone had sifted powdered sugar over them! At that point I was so happy, I said that I didn't even care if I sold one thing at the bazaar, cause the picture postcard ride was worth getting up for! Ray pulled over on the side of the road twice so we could hop out of the car and take pictures and of course he had to make a few snowballs and throw them at the road signs! When we arrived at our craft site he even impressed some neighborhood kids with his perfectly round snowball making ability! Alabama doesn't get much snow, but Ray grew up in Philadelphia where he obviously had mastered the art many years ago! Nice to know that after 25 years of living in Florida, he's still got it!
By afternoon the snow was all gone but not the joy in my heart! I can still see it if I close my eyes and dream!!
My next post will be about the craft fair which gave me the same good feelings inside!


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  2. Hey Crafty Neighbor! I love love love my slouchy hat, totally worth the trade for the fudge :) Had to drop you a line and say "Howdy"!

  3. Wow your ride down looks idyllic - I am very envious - we only have rain and gales at the moment! - Can't wait for the crafy post x

  4. Great post, looking forward to the craft one now.