Monday, October 5, 2009

Oh My Deer...

There are some things that ALWAYS release endorphins in my brain...ah, those feel good hormones, I love them! My husband and my family, chocolate, good coffee, window shopping in Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters, Indian Food, Thai food, Cool weather, cold weather, fall leaves, mountains, lakes,the smell of wood burning, a fireplace, brown bunnies and DEER!
When I was a little girl, we spent summers at my grandpa's farm in Little Meadows, Pennsylvania which was very beautiful, peaceful and rural. The closest neighbor in one direction was a half mile away, and the closest in the other direction was 2 miles away. I recently searched on Google Maps for the town and found that their was actual satellite pictures! I found my Grandpa's old property and was surprised to see that it was just as desolate as when I was young, the town's current population is less than 300!
When staying there we had a daily ritual of sitting on the front porch after supper and just before dusk, waiting for the deer to come and graze at the end of Grandpa's driveway (about the equivalent of a city block away). And...we were never disappointed, like clockwork they were there each day! It was so serene to watch these beautiful creatures graze sometimes with their fawns, sometimes the Buck was there too. Their running was so powerful yet graceful, and they had such a lovely calm about them. I lived there year round for 3 years and especially enjoyed the view in the fall with vivid reds and yellows as the backdrop! Even now when I happen to see deer in a zoo or petting farm, I feel chills just looking at them. So, that is why I made this post with some feel good etsy stuff! Hope you enjoy them too!

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  1. I thought I left a comment on this days ago, but it didn't show up! Love the picks.