Friday, October 9, 2009

Mold, Bleach and a Trip to The ER!

I have been a little bit out of commission lately due to a mishap with cleaning products! I am not one of those people who LOVE cleaning, I do it, but don't really enjoy it one bit!
Rewind to this past Tuesday morning....I thought that this would be a great day! Drop off a package at the post office, go back home and work on some special order kids hats for my shop...Hmmm that mold on the ceiling of the girl's bathroom should really be cleaned today...I know my husband Ray said that he would do it when he had a chance, wearing a gas mask and goggles...but, I am home all day, maybe I should just knock it out. Well, I'm sure I won't really need the goggles or gas mask! Why? Just cause I was pouring straight bleach on a sponge mop, then after a quick wring out I was plopping it onto the ceiling above my head? It was all going without trouble until I was trying to reach the furthest part of the ceiling, when my not careful plop resulted in my yelling in pain and fall/jumping off the step stool to furiously splash water from the sink into my eye. I splashed several times then ran to my computer to see what google said I should do. They said to rinse for 15 minutes straight, but after that , my eye was still stinging very bad and my vision was very blurry, so I called poison control's emergency # and the kind lady told me to get into the shower to let water run continuously on my eye for 15 minutes then call her back. After that impromptu shower, my eye was still stinging so bad, I couldn't keep it open and my friend Rachel took me to the Emergency Room.
Everyone at the hospital was extremely nice, but I learned that possible blindness is not a priority in the ER! It was over two hours before a doctor saw me, and another half hour or so more before irrigating my eye with a saline solution gadget!
I left with a prescription for antibiotic eye drops and my daughter Jenny left with the saline gadget hidden in her purse! ( the nurses told her to sneak it out, since they couldn't use it on another patient, and I could use another irrigation later on!)
So, now three days later, my eye is less blurry, and less uncomfortable. It has been hard to stay long at the computer because it hurts my eyes, and I haven't been able to crochet, drive or be in direct sunlight! But I am sure I will recover fully and be able to get back to my daily stuff!
By the way, it was a King Of Queens episode that got me paranoid about the mold, when Arthur discovers mold in the basement and gets an estimate of $7000.00 to rid the house of it! And, thankfully, the mold in the bathroom did go away, though not worth risking an eyeball for it!


  1. I'm so sorry! I hope you feel better =)

  2. Wow!! That sounded just awful. I'm glad there is no permanent damage. I had to clean my ceiling with bleach also but luckily I didn't fall or anything.
    Glad you are feeling better, take care.

  3. That's horrible! I'm glad you're feeling better. I had a similar experience with bleach. It didn't splash into my eye, but it did cause an allergic reaction. One whole side of my face was droopy, my speech was slurred and I was dizzy. It was almost like I had a stroke! Needless to say... it was pretty scary.