Saturday, October 3, 2009

Confessions of a Yarnaholic...

My name is Darlene and I have a problem! I have enough yarn in my back room to crochet a hat or scarf for my entire town! (no not really the whole town, maybe just a 10 block radius!)
I have lots of it leftover from last year's projects, the ones I picked up on clearance throughout summer, the cotton ones I got for summertime stuff, ones recently purchased on clearance on my last trip to Florida to visit my family, chunky ones, wool ones, alpaca and one bamboo! I can't seem to resist when these lovely fibers go on clearance. Yes, I have a problem! I must use whatever I have before getting more unless a special order is involved for my etsy business.
Today, when I pulled out all my yarns I realized that I had bought colors I thought that I didn't have, when in fact they were just buried beneath my sight.
If anyone has ideas on how to store AND see the yarns stored, I would greatly appreciate it!
By the way, I wish I had the shelves in the picture, I think they would solve my problem.


  1. I think Ikea has some shelves like that...

    I purchase things I already have as well. Makes me feel crazy.

    Oh...I just thought of this: I have storage cubes from Michaels. They have some that have four open shelves that would be perfect for you. They are 30% off this week. Regular price is $29.00 each. You can also get them at Target and Hobby Lobby. I got a ton of them a while back from all three places. If you do not have any of these stores, you can order them online from Target.

    I had a picture of mine on my blog maybe a week or two ago if you want to see them.

  2. Thanks Angela, I just saw the pics of your storage cubes! I will head straight to Hobby lobby TOMORROW!

  3. Yes, I agree you need some shelves like the ones in the picture - great way of being able to see what you have.

    I'm the same with my card making, I forget what I have and keep telling myself I must use up what I have before buying more but it's difficult to sit on my hands when I see something on one of the shopping channels I like!!!!!

    Hmm, must start to take control of my spending!