Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Just Call Me Mugsy....

You probably don't know this, but my nickname in high school was Mugsy, based on a character from "The Bowery Boys", called Mugsy McGinnis who later became Slip Mahoney when the show turned into "East Side Comedy" Well, you probably have never heard of such shows, because you aren't ancient like me! The funny thing is that the nickname suits me cause I LOVE coffee mugs! I must have a hundred of them which I have gathered over the years and they all get a workout when I am too slow with the dishwasher thing! Of course, I have my favorites that I look for when I open the cabinet door. Seems like everything just tastes better in a cute mug! I know that I have passed this obsession on to my daughters cause Christina has a blog (Consider The Coffee)and etsy shop (Coffee and Cream) where coffee cups and coffee are major themes! And my daughter Jenny has never been able to resist a cute mug especially if it is on sale!
All of these choices are things I would love to sip out of on a cool morning on my porch, except the candle which I would light and look at a lot!!

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