Saturday, July 18, 2009

What I Found Today!

I knew when I woke up this morning that it was going to be a lovely day! First, it is less than a week before visiting Florida, which means seeing my daughter Christina ( hubby Suj, and grandson Kavi!!!
Second, we experienced a cold front today which meant that the high would only be 81 degrees! In July! In the south! Oh, Florida weather, I don't miss YOU at all!
Me and my husband Ray went to a few antique stores in Alexandria today, where I found just a couple of fun things. I love anything bird related, so I was happy to come across this vintage vase, and I also love vintage tins for the kitchen, and was glad to buy this cute one! It is adorned with sweet tulip bouquets my exact color scheme of red and turquoise.
Third, we had a nice dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant with our neighbors and their family visiting from Florida and New York! On the drive home, we had the windows OPEN and almost thought we could smell someone's fireplace!
I through in a picture of a vase of lilies that my daughter picked in our backyard! Consider the lillies...


  1. hit the 80's up here in NY for the first time in a LONG time and we were all dying from the heat! lol

  2. the flowers look lovely

  3. funny, I remember my mom use to have a vase with a bird like that... but I think she got rid of it at some point. at least, I don't see it around anymore!


  4. I love the vintage tin and the bird is so cute.

    Lolo :-)

  5. Hello, hello. I found your postcard at the Center for Cultural Arts on Broad St. and I've been checking out your shop. I also live in Gadsden. And let me say "Welcome!" I love your stuff. I have a blog at I hope Gadsden's treating you well!