Friday, July 17, 2009

Rasberry Chocolate French Macaroons

I have never been that great of a baker, in fact I pretty much had a mental block about it until a few years ago. My sister in law Margie was always a great cook and baker and was able to whip up the most delicious and decadent foods with just a few ingredients. Her biscotti were better than any I have EVER had and her breads were of the artisan kind.
When I was first married, I attempted to make what was called "Foolproof Whole Wheat Bread", but when I tried it, I was the one fool that couldn't get the middle to cook even after tripling the baking time! About two years ago, I thought, well it's about time I make a second attempt at bread after all it's been a good 28 years now since my first sad loaf! When it came out of the oven, actually baked all the way through, I felt like I had gotten a healing in my life! Haha, fear of bad bread, I have conquered you! I called Margie straight away and she rejoiced at my victory!
So... for like a year I have seen various pictures online and in magazines with these beautiful, dainty looking almond macaroons, which are common in France and apparently Portland, Oregon! Should I dare? The recipe involved beaten egg whites! And a piping bag! Yikes! OK what do I have to lose? Today, my friend, I beat and piped and baked and filled (sort of) and ended up with some tasty yet UGLY dainty macaroons!
I have added some pictures, I am sure you can guess which picture is the professional one and which is mine. Recipe can be found at this link:

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