Thursday, July 2, 2009

Have A Stellar Fourth Of July!

Hope that you all out in blogger land have a great and safe Fourth of July! I know that I will cause my daughter Stina, hubby Suj and grandson Kavi will be spending it here in Alabama with us! They came from Florida last year also and it was a great time! Also, our friends that are more like family to us will also be visiting from Florida as their daughter, son in law and grandkids live right around the corner from us! Our little downtown is having it's "First Friday " celebration tomorrow night. The center of town is closed off with classic cars lining the streets, food vendors, live music, and most of the stores still open. Last year's fireworks were pretty impressive and huge crowds turned out for it. Kavi is 17 months now, so he should especially love the beauty and noise of it all! Just pray that the weather is a little cooler, cause I don't want to melt or anything and miss the fun!

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