Friday, June 12, 2009

SecondHand is the new Green Part3

Thanks for checking out my blog! I am happy to continue to share with you some secondhand finds that have helped to cozy up my nest! I find it amazing how it just seems like "Divine Destiny" to actually find in a thrift store or yard sale, etc. the very thing that you had been hoping to find one day! I know that they are trivial things,
but the Lord knows what makes our life a little sweeter so He just leads us to these small blessings and seems to smile down at us when we find them!
So.... in the bottom picture, everything except the lamp and flowers is old! ( And they were purchased from Walmart and Kirklands "as is "section!)The small plates are from a thrift store,my daughter bought them for less than a dollar, the ornate wooden frame was $5.00 from last months Antique Alley
that ran through my area,the little tree picture inside that frame was $2.00 from an antique store in Attala (town nearby), and the small table under the pictures was $4.00 from last years World's Longest Yard Sale that starts in Gadsden.
My round kitchen table was $10.00 at a yard sale in Florida, the ice cream parlor chairs were only $6.00 each, which you have to know is a STEAL as I just saw 4 of them for sale at a local Thrift Store for $150.00! The vintage red stool was $15.00 from an Antique shop in Florida.
The wall of picture frames was gathered from Thrift stores, all under $1.00 a piece.
Everything in the little built in cupboard was found for a steal from places like TJ Maxx, Ross, Thrift Stores and my absolute favorite yellow teacups and saucers from Anthropologie for only $2.99 each! (they were originally $12.99 each!)
And, finally, the fireplace mantel is filled with a $5.00 candelabra from last years Antique Alley, some frames from garage sales, candle sconces from a thrift store and $5.00 teapot from Urban Outfitters! The large mirror was a Christmas gift from my daughter Jenny two years ago and was from Ikea!
Well, until next time, happy thrifting!


  1. By far the best one yet!! I love to hear about your great deals and your decorating scheme is too cute to boot!