Thursday, June 11, 2009

Secondhand is the New Green part 2

OK, so here are some used treasures that have adorned my casa!
These two Sealy brand couches were a $140.00 purchase from a St. Vincent De Paul Thrift store in Florida which is one of my few "pricey" items! They are in excellent condition now, even four years after buying them! They have so far lasted longer than new couches I have bought in the past. The original marked price was $200.00 for the pair, but my husband talked them down to $140.00. Don't forget to dicker, it usually works!

In my front porch picture, everything you see except the plants was from thrift stores, yard
sales, or Antique Alley! The round wood table was only $4.00! The ladder-back chairs were $7.00 a piece, the large wicker chair, $10.00, and one chair was free! (my husband Ray found it on the side of the road!)

My amazing secretary desk was only $25.00! My husband snatched that up for me when he was helping a friend pick up estate items for our church thrift store about 15 years ago! It is one of my favorite things!

The white bench was $30.00 at a yard sale, originally brown, we painted it and I made a cushion for it to make it a comfy seating option in our dining room. It is loaded with some America's Thrift Store goodies that I picked up yesterday for a steal! I am always looking for inexpensive and unique frames!
Well, that's all for now, maybe I will share more on my next post!


  1. American Thrift Store had some goodies this time? There wasn't anything when I went. Yesterday I went to St. Vincent de Paul, but they didn't have much. I'm still looking for a table I could use in my kitchen there.

  2. Love your yellow and white...that is what I have in my living room too! I am weeding out a little of the red and replacing it with robin's egg blue and PINK. Your treasures are awesome!

  3. Very cool! I thrift store decorating is the best! Can't wait to more from you!