Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Day at Noccalula Falls

My family and I live downtown in a small Alabama city called Gadsden, which is in the northeast part of the state about 2 hours northwest of Atlanta. We are in walking distance to the main part of the downtown, with shops,some restaurants, banks, and an old five and dime store that I just love. And only about three miles from our house there is the mountain area of town, and our main tourist attraction, Noccalula Falls State Park. Right now, the waterfalls are impressive, since this region has had a lot of rain all winter and spring. (last year is was kind of a "trickle", but the weather has certainly changed that!)
Whenever friends or family come to visit, we always make our way there. It only costs about 7.00 to get in, and you get to ride a fun train with an old fashioned conductor, all around the park. There are a few stops you can get off if you want to go to the farm area where there are various farm animals and a totally out of place female Lion who eyed our aunt Carol hungrily last year when she came for a visit. And if you knew Aunt Carol, you would know that it wouldn't be a big meal for that big cat!
The grounds are beautiful, with flowers, trees and shrubs. There is even a free roaming deer that can be found grazing by the old pioneer buildings. We have seen cute bunnies just hopping around the place, even a meandering mule one time!
Last year we came upon a baby bird that looked as if it was just pushed out of momma's nest and it was hopping around my daughter Jenny's feet just outside the barn area.
The falls are so beautiful to look at, and you can feel at peace there as long as you don't look too hard at the lifelike statue of Princess Noccalula about to leap to her death at the bottom of the falls! Yep, another gruesome legend that gets a monument!
To make you totally jealous now, I must tell you about their Christmas Light Extravaganza that starts on Thanksgiving Night! The whole place is decorated with Christmas lights and trees , and holiday music is playing throughout. Kids can write letters to Santa in the old Post Office or decorate Christmas cookies. This past year we went on Thanksgiving night and it was magical!! It was the funnest time because my daughter Christina (, her husband Suj, and there sweet baby boy, Kavi were all there with us! And we even bought way too sweet but very inexpensive hot cocoa!
You can picnic there and camp or rent one of their log cabins with a gorgeous view!
Today, My husband and daughter and I were there for a little impromptu picnic with friends that were in town and it was beautiful weather and very refreshing! Honest, I don't work for the tourism department! I am just a fan of this region of the country especially after coming from Florida!

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  1. Great to know. Maybe I'll take a little trip, FL won't miss me much =)