Sunday, December 18, 2011

I'm dreamin of a...white Christmas

friend Rachel, daughters Jenny and Christina outside the Alabama Theater in downtown Birmingham
me, Christina and Jenny
absolutely gorgeous inside!
the concession area

Today, I went to downtown Birmingham to see Irving Berlin's "White Christmas" with daughters Jenny and Christina, and friend Rachel. The theater was absolutely beautiful, very ornately decorated with a huge tree in the entrance, lights, marble floors, very art deco!
It was a capacity crowd of eager folks looking forward to a festive time. A pipe organ rises from beneath the stage with a cheery man playing it, with words on the movie screen as a Christmas song sing a long warms up the audience.
At the end of the movie when they sing White Christmas, the audience started to sing along! Then the organ player rises from below, also playing White Christmas as the crowd filtered out of the Theater.
As Jenny and I were standing in the lobby area, an older lady passed us and remarked to us that she enjoyed the movie just as much as when she first saw it in 1954. People were full of Christmas Spirit as they left the Alabama, posing for pictures just like we did! A good old, warm feeling, old fashioned Christmas memory that we will treasure for years to come!


  1. How gorgeous! A wonderful way to spend the day. I love that movie.

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE theatres like that!! There are some great ones in Pittsburgh, PA.... So glad you all had a nice time!