Thursday, November 3, 2011

An owl in a tree and tea kinda day

Today was one of my favorite kind of Fall days. It was rainy, windy and chilly and it made the leaves on the trees even more vibrant yellow and orange. Right before dusk, I drove to some nearby stores and on the way there I had the thought that it felt like the kind of day to spot an owl in a tree. A few Autumns ago, my daughter Jenny saw a big one in a tree on our corner with the street light shining right on it. It was gone by the time I ventured out to take a look but I thought it was pretty cool that it was right in our downtown neighborhood. Last year in the Fall I spotted an owl in a tree as Ray and I were driving on the highway and it was right before dusk that day . (umm...I never saw one , but I still could imagine seeing one on a day such as today)
I love dusk in the Fall because of how the golden hues of sunset enhance the warm colors of the foliage. For some reason I find that time to be so warm and cozy
We have officially transitioned into the hot tree drinking zone in this house and I just love it. The heat in our house hasn't been working too well (waiting for the heat guy to get a part he ordered for us) so several steaming cups a night help warm the bones. Our favorite around here is Twinings Decaf Irish Breakfast tea with some fresh ginger and local honey. Just hits the spot!

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  1. I have been warming up the tea here as well! Love to cuddle up and read in the winter!