Friday, October 7, 2011

(sort of) City Living

OK, so this vintage postcard is taken in our downtown which is only about a half mile from here. It looks pretty much the same now as it did back then. I like it, it reminds me of where I grew up. Now, don't get your bloomers all in a knot (is this really a saying or some mutant saying that evolved from my head??), if you are a southerner and I have just compared this town to of all places, NEW YORK CITY! (said like the salsa commercial)
It really looks like and reminds me of Bell Boulevard in Bayside Queens. Stores that you could window shop at, that were decorated for the seasons that had mannequins standing in them adorned with the latest new inventory. An old 5 and 10 with creaky wood floors, reminiscent of the Woolworths down Bell where you could shop and eat lunch. Coffee shops, cafes, florists, gift shops along with banks and many local businesses.
My daughter Jenny and friend Rachel work at the Moxie Hair Salon in the downtown and if they wanted to they could walk there every day. It's in a historic building that was once known as The Printup Hotel and has an inviting front with some benches and flower planters.
Every month the Downtown Gadsden group organizes a "First Friday" when they close off Broad Street to vehicular traffic, fill the streets with live music, food vendors, antique cars and the stores stay open extra late with special sales going on. I must admit that I avoid it like the plague during summer months because I get too hot, but love it in the Fall and Spring. Barbecue sandwiches taste so good on First Friday.
Also, schools have a half day when it is Veteran's Day so they can go to the Veterans Day Parade in town and when it is Homecoming Parade where all the area high schools marching bands take over Broad Street. Nice!
Christmas is great around here with an annual (you guessed it!) Parade and Noccalula Park has an amazing Lights Display through the park.
The population of Gadsden is only around 40,000, so I know it isn't exactly a bustling metropolis, but it is just the right kind of small city to make it interesting, and only an hours drive to Birmingham for more variety of shopping and food choices.
And, we are only a short drive to some of the most beautiful mountains and scenic roads to refresh the soul. (when I lived in NYC, a traffic jam always seemed to begin and end any drive to and from the country)
Needless to say, I have enjoyed this small, homey city and have some of the nicest and most interesting neighbors to boot!
Hope you like your town or city and can enjoy some treasures there too!


  1. I love it too Doll....some aspects of Gadsden remind me of Philly too...Glad we are enjoying it together!!!!!!

  2. You do live in a wonderful place. It's the feel of a town...the vibe, so to speak...that makes us love it. Truly, I don't have it where I live now, but I surely have in other places I've lived. Great post!

  3. Such a sweet little town. I must say, we really enjoyed our time there and in the surrounding areas.

  4. Sounds like a little bit of heaven. Small, but not too small. I long to move to a place like that one day.