Friday, September 9, 2011

sunlight glistening through the trees at Noccallula Falls yesterday morning

the falls are gushing after tropical depression Lee passed through this area last weekend

hello old friend!

the old girl at the farmyard

Yesterday morning was the start of my cooler weather walks at Noccallula Falls Park , and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Oh how I love the trails there as they weave through the woods, gardens, past the waterfall, the deer habitat which had several new fawns, the farmyard with the donkey, llama, chickens, roosters, sheep, and goats, and the covered bridge that crosses a bubbling brook. A nice cool breeze, hearing the leaves rustle, birds flurrying, squirrels scurrying, butterflies visiting the last blooms of summer. Need I say more?
It is a short season since the park closes after Halloween so I plan to utilize it as much as possible. I guess I need to send my "dear John" letter to the YMCA to cancel my membership there!