Wednesday, September 7, 2011

first neighborhood walk this season

there are still some flowering shrubs in the neighborhood

oh, and here are the completed mushrooms, the shorter ones with white stems are the clay ones I made, the taller ones are the paper bag ones I made from this super easy tutorial

a tree fell over across the street from us the other day and the city is finally taking care of it

This morning was cloudy, gloomy and in the low 60s when I left my house for the first outdoor walk of the season. As you may know, I have been holed up inside during the sweltering summer with my trusty exercise bike, dreaming of the cooler days to come when I could reacquaint myself with the outside world. There was a lot of debris and a few fallen trees along my route due to tropical storm Lee, but in spite of the grey weather and disheveled look of things, I enjoyed every minute of it!
It was very quiet though, no scurrying squirrels or fluttering birds. They must have been weary from the heavy rains and winds we had been having and having a slow start to their day.
I hope, wherever you are, that you are experiencing some refreshing changes in your life,whether it is through the weather or some other means!

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  1. I stopped complaining about the cooler and wetter than usual spring and summer here in the PNW after seeing such searing temperatures across the country. Now with the storms wreaking havoc on your side of the country my thoughts and prayers have a new purpose. Be safe.