Saturday, August 13, 2011

These past few weeks...

...have been awesome!

we (my daughter Christina and I ) got to meet our awesome blog friend Angela from Pickles on Pizza and her husband Aubrey from Mississippi! They came to Gadsden for the World's Longest Yard Sale and we had the best time getting to hear their stories and getting to know them in real life!

I bought my first vintage dress from an etsy shop and with a wide belt it was cute! I had hoped that I didn't look like a sack of potatoes (one of my main goals in life), and my husband and daughters told me I didn't look potato-ish so I just believed them and wore it out in public!

At the end of the Yard Sale , Angela and Aubrey stopped by our house and she gave me this awesome vintage crib spring thing! (I had always wanted to get one of them)This is not it's final resting place though, I am brainstorming on whether or not to paint it and hang it in my bedroom for putting all my grandson's photos on!

This is Kavi, my adorable 3 1/2 year old grandson pushing a mini shopping cart at Whole Foods in Birmingham. We had lunch at their amazing buffet and it was mmm,mmm good!
But the very best thing is that Christina and Kavi have been here for almost two weeks and are staying until a week from this Tuesday! My son in law will be flying up towards the end of their visit to drive back to Florida with them, so I am super happy to get to see him soon too!


  1. The dress is TOO cute and I am not sure if I remembered to tell you that or not when I saw you on Sunday...just adorable. Now, I can't quit looking at bed spring things :) I am thinking of getting one too! I honest to goodness had the best time in Alabama! Aubrey even spotted a house around the corner from yours that was in foreclosure...he said: "There is a house for us!" Too bad we are sitting on a 30 year mortgage already :)Can't wait to come back for another visit and hopefully get to soak up more of Gadsden. So happy that Christina and Kavi have gotten to stay for such a long visit!