Thursday, July 7, 2011

Nashville...Franklin...Leiper's Fork

delicious Lebanese Food at Mediterranean Cuisine in downtown Nashville
best falafel and hummus I ever had! Everything made fresh!

Bombay Bistro had a delicious Indian Buffet near our hotel! absolutely scrumptious!
Riff Burgers in downtown Franklin had delicious salmon burgers! Found out that there are two Riffs in Birmingham ( an hour from home)and will definitely try other burgers like turkey, lamb, chicken and veggie. Rays beef burger tasted gourmet!

Leiper's Fork had horse drawn wagons!

decorated for our daughter Jenny's birthday after we returned home!

I will try to share a summary of our road trip last weekend. Basically we learned that the Fourth of July weekend is the busiest weekend all summer. We don't like sweltering heat or shops that are purely tourist oriented. And did I mention that we aren't big country music fans? What do we love? Food! And coffee! And air conditioning!
Our hotels were very nice, one near Opry Land, for no real reason except it looked nice and was a good price, although we could not find a blessed coffee shop in the area and settled for...gasp...McDonald's coffee...quiet sobs...
So, downtown Nashville was very crowded at the touristy Music Row and it was humid and in the high 90s so even though it was a nice looking downtown it was kinda exhausting navigating on foot in a place we are unfamiliar with. Parking garages were a necessity, so after paying to park at one you didn't want to leave it to spend more at another lot.
The Nashville Public Library was gorgeous with several levels, marble floors and a fantastic Civil rights exhibit that made the trip worth the effort. The Library has a cafe called Provence Bread and Bakery that had tasty healthy lunches and pastries and coffee.
We decide to stay in Franklin the next night and to check out it's historic downtown. We made the mistake of going there already hungry and also not knowing where to eat and it being Sunday many places were closed, so off we went back to our hotel area to eat at the Bombay Bistro which had some of the best Indian food we have ever had at a restaurant.
The next day was the Fourth when we decided to give historic Franklin another try and although there were craft vendors in the streets and a festive atmosphere, many places were closed and it was super crowded and steaming hot again. We did however really enjoy eating at Riff's Burgers where the food was fantastic!
Now, about Leiper's Fork. We wanted to go there because I had just watched the Judds reality show and saw that they lived there and it looked nice and was just outside of Franklin. It was pretty small with only a few eateries and shops, but also kinda tourist oriented, so without any Judds sightings it didn't seem worth the effort to drive there. There were some gorgeous properties and farms there though.
It is funny to me that the highlights of our trip to Music City were all food oriented! Lebanese food! Indian Food! Hamburgers we could have eaten nearer to home! Oh well, I guess we are a little weird!
It was our youngest daughter Jenny's birthday after we got home and I had a super fun time decorating for it! Her birthday dinner food request was Philly Cheese-steaks made by Ray and she loved every bite!
(lanyard lady, if you are reading this, I miss you! Hope you return to Blogville soon!)

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  1. Aw-- I miss her too :(

    The last time I was in Nashville was a few years ago. Me and a couple of girlfriends went to a scrapbook convention and we stayed in the hotel which was connected to the convention area the whole time! We even ordered Papa John's for dinner one night so I don't think you are boring at all. Aubrey and I have been several times but only did the Music Row/tourist thing the first time. Every other time we were there for "gigs" he had and since his brother lives there we just stayed at their we have had pretty boring Nashville trips ourselves!