Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a hat and a bike

Do you ever get obsessed with a certain item that you don't have and are constantly looking in stores or on line for, until you either purchase said item or move on to another one? Well, I do all the time. Like adult trikes that I have posted about a lot of times, retro travel trailers, vintage dresses, shoes, etc., etc.
Lately I have been imagining myself actually owning a trike which I would have found at an" I can't help but buy it" price and start tooling around the neighborhood. Only problem is that in real life it's sooo hot out, so if my daydream comes true I will have to wear a hat to shield me from the hot sun. So I start looking at straw hats everywhere I go, like Target, Walmart and Old Navy. I found a cotton Gilligan looking hat on clearance at Old Navy for five dollars just so I will be ready to live my dream come true. But for now, my only modes of transport are my Ford Focus or my two feet! Maybe I will try my hat out in the car or out walking while pretending to be getting a great workout on my trike!

(I couldn't find any cool trike pics so have resorted to the two wheel variety!)

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  1. I have been obsessing on finding a 1960's fan but I have to find it at an estate sale so it's a find. lol :) I know I should just suck it up and buy one on etsy or ebay but no i have to find it like it's supposed to find me. ? maybe I am a little too obsessive! lol