Sunday, May 29, 2011

shoes and trike...same price

One day I am gonna get one of these, I really am!
around 260 dollars for a similar one at Walmart

I think these Swedish Hasbeens handmade shoes are so cute...they cost the same as the trike! Too much for me, I just got the nerve last year to buy shoes that cost 30-40 dollars. Since that took over 50 years to do, I doubt very much that I will ever fork over such a large amaount for shoes even if they are cute, comfortable and hand made in Sweden!
Can you say "knockoffs"?


  1. I would never spend that much on shoes either! I think the trike is so cute! How much fun could you have on that?

  2. I'd go for the trike. Shoes and me don't get along, but I could have a blast on that trike!