Saturday, April 2, 2011

Trade Day Treasures

I have always wanted one of these planters but was looking for a good bargain in order to get it. It is inspired by one of my all time favorite shows "The Gilmore Girls". Lorelai, the main character had one on her beautiful porch and I wanted one too! It was only 22 dollars at Collinsville Trade Day, about half an hour from here. I have seen many vintage planters for 50-80 dollars before, so I was happy to snatch this one up.
I have always wanted a big old vintage typewriter too, but was also too cheap to pay more than 20 dollars for one. On etsy, there are several of these but with shipping added to the price (these old guys are pretty darn heavy) it would usually be close to 100 bucks. This morning, I spotted one and asked the price and when the girl said 8 but you could make an offer, I was so startled, I didn't even make a lower offer, I just said, "I'll take it!"
(the planter was marked 25, I offered 20 but she would only go as low as 22!)
This is the outside of the booth I got the typewriter at. The yellow wicker furniture set was only 60 dollars for two chairs, a settee, coffee table and a hutch (not in pic)! It was already sold or else my husband and I would have been sorely tempted to get it even though we have absolutely no room on our porch or deck for it! Plus it wasn't likely to fit in our Ford Focus!
This scene was behind the parking area and it was such a perfect spring day, I had to snap a shot of it!
Not a fancy setting, but beautiful mountains are all around making it a very refreshing time!


  1. If I had a place to put a typewriter like that I'd snatch up the first one I saw! Lucky you! Also, I just LOVED the Gilmore Girls...hehehe!

  2. Great finds. And they're perfect for your house. Souds like a wonderful way to spend the day.

  3. WONDERFUL finds!!!! I am a tad jealous:)
    What beautiful your spring!

  4. YAY!! I love a good bargain story!! $8.00?? That is the deal of a lifetime!!