Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just ducky

This morning as my daughter opened the front door to leave for work, she startled a mama duck and ducklings that were on our front porch! Which is really amazing because we live in our small city's downtown where there aren't any ponds or pools and the Coosa river is a mile away.
The mama scattered and inadvertently left the panicking ducklings behind. The poor babies were frantically waddling back and forth trying to jump over our porch ledge which was too high for these little ones. The whole time they were making peep sounds and the mama was cautiously lurking in bushes nearby, also peeping the whole time.
Rachel,who hadn't left for work yet,and I didn't want to scare the lil ones by trying to help them, when they suddenly made a run for the front step, and spazzily tore past us while one ducky didn't get the memo and was separated from the rest!
Happily, the lone duck made its way out,finally catching up to its siblings,and finally with mama duck!
I swear, they were so cute, it made me want ducks for my backyard, but I remembered that duck "fertilizer" doesn't smell that good!
I am thankful for this little touch of nature right on our front porch!


  1. Oh, bless their hearts! We were out shopping for plants the other day and were in a greenhouse when a little hummer came whizzing by. He flew from front to back several times and I thought he must be feeling panic at the thought of being trapped. He finally found his way out which was a big relief to me.

  2. So cute! Funny, because this morning I saw my first little baby ducks floating around behind their momma when I was on my way to work. They weren't even in a pond...just a storm water run off along the highway!

  3. They are sweet! I'm glad they all got reunited.