Saturday, April 16, 2011

foiled project....check!

before after
I did it, I finally did it! I foiled my nightstand! I have wanted to paint my garage sale nightstand for years, but procrastination is my name, so the relic stayed the same! Then last week I found an amazing tutorial on foiling with modge podge and posted it on my blog, hoping to one day do this treatment myself.
So yesterday it was a dreary rainy day and I had aluminum foil, modge podge, silver paint, and black paint , so what the heck, I thought I'd give it a go.
Above you see the piece before I started the process. It took me most of the day to finish, but I didn't work non stop on it with breaks waiting for it to dry between steps, eating lunch, watching the news, etc. So, it took longer than I thought and I am not the most patient when it comes to tiny details like using small foil pieces around the curves, the legs, the front. Happily my husband came home and helped me finish the small details of the foiling. (basically just decoupaging technique)
after applying the foil by applying modge podge under and over it, one more coat of modge podge after first application dried
this is my after picture, phase 1. applied a silver metallic paint randomly to add variation to the finish
Final phase...added black paint at first mixed with water to add more depth, then finally just random brush strokes of black acrylic paint with no added water, then blotting off, to give it a more aged effect.
I am really pleased at how it turned out and think that it compliments my bedroom theme of black and white against a cool aqua wall color!
Click here to see the original tutorial post. I used the directions as a basic guideline since I didn't use the same paint or glaze, though I did use modge podge as she recommended.


  1. You clever girl, I thought you might try this when I saw you original post about the foil furniture! And I love the wall color with your black and white!!

  2. Turned out super cool! Goodness knows the patience that must have taken. Nice job.

  3. What a transformation. A little bit of bling in your home.

    Hope your well.