Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Crafting Therapy

You have no idea how crafting has helped me in the last three years! It was very hard for us to move away from my oldest daughter Christina, her husband and our grandson. We had hoped that they would be following behind us within a year or so, but circumstances have made it very difficult. We are very close, so it is hard to only be able to see each other every 6-8 weeks, especially as our grandson Kavi is only three years old and is growing in leaps and bounds. We talk often on the phone and try to do video chats to fill our void. I am thankful though that my husband is self employed which enables us to travel to Florida as often as we have, but there are more days with a gnawing feeling that reminds us that we don't live near each other anymore.
Shortly after moving, Christina (in Florida) started an etsy shop and inspired me to do the same. It is funny how we evolved our shops in to more of the type of crafting we liked, but we both started with different crafts than we do now. At first I did some paintings and got color copies made to sell, but they didn't sell at all. There are soooo many amazing artists on etsy making it hard to stand out. Then I started making scrabble tile pendants, but didn't really enjoy making them so much. Then I tried making simple jewelry, but it bored me.
Finally, I rejuvenated my crochet skills as cooler weather here in Alabama inspired me along with all the creative ideas on etsy. That was my niche, and has remained my favorite thing to do. I also enjoy doing many other crafty things around the house like decoupage, art, fixing up garage sale finds, making paper pennants, collage, yada, yada, yada!
Working on a project helps me to temporarily focus on something other than missing my family and fulfills a creative need that lies within me. Sometimes I think about how I am such a late bloomer in this whole thing. After all I was 50 years old when I opened my etsy shop! I guess it was a latent gifting that was below the surface all my life, but I was distracted with being what I thought I should be. I spent many years doing administrative type things and many years being very busy all the time, all the while loving decorating magazines and looking for ways to decorate my home on a budget. I also loved seeing someone who didn't fit the popular mode of home decor or fashion, being an individual and expressing their own personality in their surroundings.
Well since moving, I have found distraction and satisfaction in making and creating . I know that this has also helps Christina get through this season , and I thank God that he led us to this avenue of life. Even now, as warmer weather approaches, it becomes harder for me to focus on crochet projects and I find that the days are more challenging. I need a goal, a project to sink my teeth into, to brighten my day. I also feel God's peace while I am crafting, knowing that He is working things together according to His pattern and His timing and that in the end, we will look at a lovely finished project. He wants me to enjoy the journey though, not just the end!


  1. A good lesson for all of us..."enjoy the journey...not just the end." Good for you for taking the situation you have and growing and learning to live happily "in spite of." Lots of folks spend their lives waiting for their "perfect" life to start. Perfect probably will never happen for me, but I, like you, am determined to live happily the life I have! Uh...I guess that actually kind of makes it perfect, in a strange kind of way!

  2. I just got caught up on your blog and boy you have been BUSY!!! Very cute projects! I know what you mean about crafting - I am one who always has to be doing something with my hands - I guess some people take up smoking, others crafting ;)