Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Inspirations from Anthropologie

Anthropologie has the most creative displays compared to any other store I have been in. The following pictures show off some of the talent of their staff.

I love the look of old bikes and I love yarn! A match made in heaven!

This cracks me up! The paper plates with toast and the coffee filter lights!
(I have no idea why I can't make this picture smaller!)
I always want to try making a mason jar light. This grouping looks impressive to me. I wish I could take down my dining room chandelier and replace it with a scaled down version of this.
clever book art.
love it!
I want to paint a stump!


  1. What imagination! I guess you can't teach talent like that.

  2. I love all of it! Being married to a fire marshal though - my first thought with the coffee filter lights is - "code violation"

  3. Anthroplogie is always such inspiration!! I love watching the show Man Shops Globe - about the store's buyer. I remember creating shapes and xmas trees out of old Reader's Digests eons ago, like their hanging book art!! TFS