Sunday, January 30, 2011

The view from my front door...or...dissed by a cowboy?

This is what you see when you open my front door...a lot of color...yellow walls...coral and aqua accents...shelves with chatchkies...deer head plaques painted coral..Russian stacking dolls. Not exactly the preferred decor for a cowboy type. Like our neighbor "Chet" (I changed his name for this post but highly doubt he would ever stumble upon my blog)
One evening before Christmas, "Chet" knocked on our door, voicing some concern for one of our neighbors. As I went to the back room to get Ray to come and talk to him, he slipped in the front door to wait. He was only in the house for a matter of minutes and I didn't think anything of it. He told us that it sounded like a loud angry preacher was yelling at "Gloria" (yes, I changed her name too) and that her dogs were barking like crazy. He seemed to want Ray to go next door to see if she was ok, so he and Jenny knocked on her door and when "Gloria" came to the door, Ray told her that "Chet" heard yelling and wanted to make sure she was okay. She informed them that it was only Margaret (real name), a local lady who rides her bike around town and always sounds like she is yelling when she talks. "But I have called the cops, because someone was looking in at me on my side porch", she said, to which "Chet" replied, "That would be me, I just wanted to make sure you were ok, because I was hearing your dogs barking". "Gloria" did not seem to care that he was looking out for her, and said, "You can go on home now, and you can tell the cops to go home too!" (Gloria is a little eccentric)
When they walked away from her house, "Chet" said, "I guess I'll be going to jail tonight!" But we just laughed and as far as we know the cops never came.
Now the other day, "Chet " was getting in his car the same time I was and he came over to chat about a burglary in the neighborhood and how he was ready if someone tried that in his house (I guess you know what that means. kapowee!) He then remarked " if someone broke in to your house they would be STUNNED, like where am I ?, you know cause how you have it decorated and such!" I chuckled and he chuckled to end our conversation, but after getting in my car, I realized that I had been dissed by a man in a cowboy hat! Doesn't he know the "Cowboy Code"? I am sure there is a rule that says "be gentlemanly to womenfolk and don't insult their house decorating skills"
Don't get me wrong, I am sure that no self respecting Cowboy would want my stuff, but a true cowboy would not passive aggressively insult a girl. I guess wearing the hat and boots does not a cowboy make and neither does living in a town's downtown neighborhood. I watched two episodes of "The Last American Cowboy" last night, so I know some stuff! You need a ranch, ranchhands, horses, acreage and COWS, lots of COWS!


  1. Oh you made me giggle!! I LOVE your house! I love that you are you! And you are right about "Chet" - he needs to go find himself a horse to ride ;) My house isn't nearly as eclectic as it was a few years ago but I still get the "interesting decor" thing every time someone new comes in. People (especially Southern people) prefer cookie cutter things...

  2. Your house is magical! Chet needs to go back to the ranch...

  3. How did I miss this post? So funny! I must have had Internet issues the day you put this up because I KNOW I would have commented! I am a fan of the the backhanded compliment. So far one of my FACS was when I bought some new clothes a woman said to me " boy, you really have good taste when you finally decide to buy something to replace that old stuff you were wearing"

    Anyway...keep your doors locked because there are robbers out there who have good taste and might pass on Chet's decor to steal yours! Tell The Cowboy to feel free to leave his door unlocked...the treasures are behind your front door! Roy and Gene would NEVER diss a lady that way! grins...