Sunday, December 12, 2010

Poems for a Dollar!

At last weeks Craft Bazaar, one of the sites had a girl sitting behind a cool vintage typewriter making up poems on the spot for one dollar! My friend Rachel showed me the one made up for her and it was so good, I had to get one for myself.
You simply give a word or a subject and she just starts tippity tapping away and you end up with something special just for you.
I gave the subject of Russia and getting to know my third cousin there. Here it is...

so this country
It's better than England or Prussia,
and it's cold, but it's great,
and it's big,
(and it's Russia)

and I just met a wonderful striking young one,
and she probably speaks Russian
and I bet she's quite fun
because she comes from a cold snowy
foreign large place
where the wind whips your toes
and your toes freeze your face

so when you take a vacation,
need a place to chill out,

go to Russia,
not up north or out west
or down south

Lilly Reeves Montgomery

I hope Lyuba reads this as she does read my blog! I will mail you the original poem after the holidays!

P.S. I am leaving for Florida tomorrow with my daughter and grandson until after Christmas!!!


  1. have a great holiday with your family. the poem is dynamite.

  2. The best dollar you ever spent!!

  3. All that for a dollar? Wow, did you get your money's worth!

    Enjoy Florida and the holidays:)

  4. how fun!! i think i would feel too pressured to think of a poem on the spot! obviously that gal's got talent!

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