Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mosaic Moments

This afternoon I went for a walk and was loving the colors and the nice weather. I love the middle picture because it looks like a painting to me. I looked that way in real life too. Like a warm cozy painting.
In our downtown today, there was a carriage being pulled by gorgeous Clydesdals giving free rides between noon and three. Sadly though, I didn't ride because my husband is sick and the girls were out of town. I did go to take some pictures and even that was fun because Christmas music was being piped outside from The Cultural Arts Center. The shops were all open with special sales, but even 20% off didn't help with the $275.00 boots I thought were so cute. I knew there was a reason I never had gone in to that shoe store before.
This mosaic has some new projects I have been working on lately. Owls! In case you didn't recognize them.
I have been crocheting a lot lately, making things to sell at an upcoming craft fair, and getting bored of making the same kinds of things over and over. I recently posted some pictures of granny chic crocheted pennants, which helped relieve the boredom, and then I thought I would see how I could crochet some owls. I liked how they turned out but didn't know what to do with them until my daughter Jenny suggested I make them in to cup cozies. I rather liked that idea, so more cozy owls will be a comin!
Also, you see those legs with the blue tights? Those are mine. I wore a dress with tights twice last week, and I would have worn boots too but it had gotten too warm around here! That is major for me because my daily outfit is always jeans and a shirt!

These pics are from my walk at the Falls a few days ago. (a park that is only 3 miles form my home and is free to go in to during the off season)
I saw the wild turkeys several times during my walk that morning, seeing two sets of them, not just one! Some of the Christmas decorations are up and ready for the Christmas Lights Extravaganza which starts on Thanksgiving evening.
So that is the past few days in pictures. Hope your weekend is refreshing and fun!


  1. I love the owls! Are they in your shop yet? Sometimes I think about trying new things but that's about all I do...think about it.

  2. I enjoyed your weekend :) And hellooo sexy legs!
    You are right - the picture does look like a painting - SO pretty - enjoy the rest of your weekend... I am wanting to put my tree up believe it or not..probably next weekend though.

  3. What wonderful mosaics! It made me want to go for a walk...where you live!!!!
    Hope your weekend is going wonderfully!

  4. The photo that looks like a painting is truly beautiful! Two of my friends already have all the Christmas shopping done AND wrapped! I haven't even started yet.

  5. Now this was a fun post to read! It is so full of "chat", as if we were sitting over a cup of coffee in my kitchen (or yours!).

    Love the blue tights!

  6. I love that you wear blue tights! How fun are you!!!!