Friday, October 1, 2010

Lions, Donkeys and Deer, Oh My! (my morning walk!)

Today, a little after 9AM a desire of mine was fulfilled.
Only 3 miles from my home.
I walked among trees and flowers and a waterfall (trickling ever so slightly, but still a waterfall). I walked past deer and a donkey, chickens, roosters, goats, sheep, a lioness and crossed a covered bridge, saw a woodchuck or a beaver twice, scurrying away from under a bush when I approached. I saw birds flitting between trees,a yellow one that I had never seen before was especially pretty.
No, I wasn't dreaming, I was at Noccallula Falls Park which I have posted about before. You see, we have a seasonal family pass, so we can go for free until October 31st, but all summer long it has been too hot to enjoy. Now that the mornings are so cool with much nicer weather during the rest of the day, and since I have already been in the habit of walking, this morning seemed like the best time to drive on over.
I loved it so much, I almost wanted to cry! It was breezy, no, actually downright windy, and sunny. The sounds of the wind rustling through the trees, oh my goodness, I just love that sound! And seeing beautiful gardens, rock formations, the gorge with the creek at the bottom, the animals... why it is positively heavenly.
I really can see that God gave us his beautiful creation for our entertainment and our refreshing. It seems that troubles melt away as we gaze on the vast world that He has created and see how He holds it all together.
I also had another flashback to my younger years moment. When I was around 8 to 12 years old I lived with my Grandpa in the country in Pennsylvania, on a dirt road with the nearest neighbor 1/2 mile away in one direction and 2 miles away in the other. I was friends with a little girl named April who lived in the 2 mile away house and sometimes we would make a plan for me to come over to her house to play and we would both leave our houses say at noon and start walking towards one another. About halfway we would meet up and I would walk back with her to her house, doing the reverse when I would leave. Now that first mile on the road had no houses or anything and it was through woods and fields, completely desolate. The quiet was amazing, only hearing the a fore mentioned rustling of the leaves in the breeze. I can't believe I was brave enough to do that or that I was even allowed to do that, but I guess it must have been a different time back then as everybody says. I don't specifically remember praying during that isolated walk, but I bet I did, because I do remember being a little apprehensive and walking especially fast!
Today though, I felt the same quiet during parts of the walk, but was reminded that I was only a few hundred yards away from a busy road by hearing the traffic sounds in the background! I wasn't isolated or alone, but I did pray and felt that God was pushing me along my way!
I almost felt guilty to be enjoying such a pleasant time, but not that guilty as I can't wait to do it again!


  1. What a wonderful idea to walk around Noccallula Park, it is so pretty there! After your walk did you continue on to the 411 Yard Sale???

  2. That sounds like the perfect morning!! I have been inside all day - but do have the windows up and I am enjoying the sound of the wind in the trees too!

  3. How wonderful that you finally got to enjoy this walk. Nature's beauty lightens our heart and nourishes our soul. Thanks for sharing such a nice story.

  4. Hi Darlene,

    What a beautiful story. I especially like the photo of the fence winding around to meet the bridge. The colors are wonderful.


  5. Thank you for your lovely comment...Such a wonderful post.