Saturday, October 9, 2010

aubergine is the new purple

Aubergine, eggplant, plum, fig, purple...whatever you call it, it is a lovely Fall and Winter color. Not as popular as red, golds and oranges, but still a welcome change for the cooler seasons!


  1. One of my favourite purples, not too pink, not too blue, dark and warm and one of my favourite colours to wear even if I rarely find anything that colour.

    I do love autumn, it's when all the best colours appear :)

  2. Okay, well, it's so funny that you posted this. I have never been a big fan of purple and recently bought my very first purple shirt, ever,and have received so many complients when I where it out and about-it was kind of shocking to me.

    I have to say that I am very smitten by this aubergine shade of purple and welcome it with open arms.

    Bring on the AUBERGINE!!!