Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jewish Delicatessen Heaven

I know. I have a lot of posts having to do with food. I know. I wish I could be one of those people who thinks that eating is SUCH a chore (no, I don't really). Unfortunately, I love food, all kinds of food, Mexican, Italian, Thai, Indian, good Chinese, Middle Eastern, and even....yes....healthy foods like veggie things and tofu things! I like just about everything, but living in the South for the past 27 years has made certain things a little harder to find. While in Florida for 25 of those years, after relocating from New York City, we managed to find some decent Pizza, Chinese, and Greek food. But here in Gadsden we have to travel an hour away to Birmingham for some good eats with ethnic flair.
Well, yesterday, Ray and me and the girls went to Max's Delicatessen, after I saw a commercial on TV and then a very tempting website, and we were not disappointed!! A Jewish Deli in NYC had ginormous sandwiches, the best pickles, knishes, chopped chicken liver, egg creams and on and on. On the way down to B-ham, I was telling Rachel that the texture of cheese blinztes in NYC were more like a thin pasta consistency filled with sweetened cheese as compared to a pancake or crepe like shell. (she was going to order them at Max's because she loves them!)
I was telling Jenny that the rye bread in NYC delis had a chewy crust, not a mushy soft crust like most rye breads in the stores.
And also, how all the diners had matzoh ball soup on their menu and sometimes it was bland in a clear broth, but in the Jewish Delis it was much more flavorful and home made tasting.
Well....ding ding ding!!!! Max's won on all accounts! Rachel's soup came out looking homemade and tasted delicious. Jenny bit in to her corned beef sandwich on rye and informed me that the crust was chewy not mushy, and Rachel's blintzes had the more pasta like shell!
Of course, I got Lox on a bagel which was great and we ordered chocolate egg creams for dessert!
We all left soooo happy and we especially liked our friendly waitress and the deli owner was also so nice and appreciated that we traveled an hour to get there!
Needless to say we will be returning on Sunday with Ray's Mom (Nana) so she too can experience the taste bud fun that we had!


  1. I want a potato knish, a real pastrami sandwich and a chocolate egg cream. Can I get it all there? I want to go there really, really bad.

  2. yes you CAN Nancy!!!!! The sandwiches were so good!

  3. Sounds sooooo yummy! The last time I had anything close to that was....well, let me see...oh yeah! In New York!! Two and a half hours north! Hmmmm...maybe a road trip...

  4. I have not had too much "jewish" food...not sure why because my town has a huge Jewish community.

    Oh and I have come to the realization that I am pretty much obsessed with food. What can I say? It is just one thing I do for enjoyment- EAT!