Saturday, August 14, 2010

i love a bargain!!

pennant pillow for 9.99

3.00 mug

2.90 iron on book

pennant for 2.90

useless book for 2.90

The other day , after going to the really awesome Jewish Delicatessen, we swung by Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters to have a browse. I was secretly hoping that there woulld be a nice mug in the clearance section of Anthropologie, because all of my favorite tea and coffee vessels have come from there. And I love clearance in those stores because I am way too cheap to pay full price at them.
Anthropologie was a success in the mug category because I found these for only 3.00 each that are like oversized and chunky tea cups.
When we moved along to Urban Outfitters, I really scored in the clearance section with a throw pillow for only 9.99, three packs of plastic pennants that are 120 feet long (each) for only 2.90 each that I can use in my backyard, two books by SUKIE a UK artist, of iron on decals that I can put on my leftover tote bags from last years block print phase, also, only 2.90 each, and a book of "Useless Information" for only 2.90, for Ray who is the King of Trivia!


  1. Fantastic! You're so smart to know what you can do with bargains when you find them