Sunday, August 1, 2010

Another Brunch and Deer Day

Sardis Library with front porch and rockers!
Sardis Library
a regal buck at the deer farm

eating crackers at the state park
the view from the Lodge

Ray and Nana
I know you are probably sick of hearing about our deer sightings by now, but I just can't help myself, I love them sooo!
We took my mother in law to Lake Guntersville State Parks Brunch today, because we knew she would love the prime rib and the gorgeous view from the balcony. And Nana has always said how much she loved nature, so we were hoping that the deer would make their appearance to make the day complete, and....they did not disappoint us! At the exact same spot we spotted a few, then a few more and they started to walk out of the woods towards us! We quickly drove down the road to the camp store, but they were out of bread, so Ray asked the Park Rangers who were also the store clerks (with uniforms, badges and guns!) what else the deer liked to eat, and they said,
" well according to the law you aren't supposed to feed them..." to which Ray replied, well, what do you think I would like to eat?" to which they answered knowingly, "just about anything" What fun to have the "establishment" tell us tree hugging, deer loving "hippies" that, wink, wink,it was just fine to go ahead and feed the deer the crackers that we bought them. And the deer just loved our meager offerings!
On the drive home, Ray showed us a deer farm that a friend had told him about, and it was right in the middle of an affluent neighborhood in Sardis, not too far from where we live. The deer were just gorgeous, bucks, doe, and fawn all happily grazing, pooping and peeing! Those deer must be very regular, if you know what I mean!
We passed the Sardis Library on the way, and it was the cutest building with a front porch and side porch with rockers and it made me instantly want t o read a book!
Well, thanks for humoring me, I will try not to bore you with my deer obsession! (I said TRY!)


  1. I like the deer! Your pictures are beautiful!

  2. The deer are so cute! Do they just nibble it out of your hand?

  3. I love seeing your photos of deer! Since summer is here the deer are feeding elsewhere and don't require the corn we put out for them so there hasn't been much activity on our wildlife cameras.

  4. Nothing better than reading a post with visions of deer poop in my head... lol

  5. The deer are cute but what is your new picture of?

  6. Genevieve McCann HillsAugust 2, 2010 at 6:03 AM

    Very nice web site and very thoughtful. I like it!

  7. angela- yes, they actually nibble from our hands!
    nancy- if you mean my header picture, that is from a vintage downtown Gadsden postcard!
    Genevieve- thanks for visitng and glad you like it!