Thursday, July 29, 2010


no, not my closet, I'd be way too embarrassed to show you that!
So far, this summer in Alabama has been tortuously hot to me! Not just one or two days of 99 or 100 degrees, nooooo, more like most days of the week for four weeks now! This is noooot normal, why we are hotter here than in Florida, the state we moved AWAY from! And, I cannot even bring myself to speak of the heat INDEXES which the meteorologists are now calling INDICES ! Help!!!!! I neeed Alaska or Antarctica, or SOMEWHERE where it is not so darn hot!!!!!
This kind of weather automatically makes me loose all motivation to be creative or organized and it is a chore to think of what to cook for dinner each night without turning the oven on. Oh did I mention that I am at the age where I get hot flashes? Well. I am!
The other day I made a list of things I have been procrastinating doing since summer hit us right between the eyes! My husband scrawled : "It's the hormones talking" across the top of the page and I guess he is right about that! Most things I have been putting off aren't all that important, like painting the brass chandelier in the dining room, painting the kitchen cabinets, painting some bookshelves on the porch, etc. these are just things to change somethings looks but we can function just fine with the color that they are. You see, our AC was just recently fixed but at 100 plus degree heat indexes it's not like the house gets sooo cool. (high ceilings and old house combined make for heating and cooling challenges) So.... I am not that in to painting in the kitchen which heats up every day just by using the stove top! And the other things need to be painted outside, so....forget about it!
Putting away my clean clothes and my husband's clean clothes, so we don't have to rummage through laundry baskets every morning. I know from previous experience that I always find something at the bottom of the basket that I forgot I had! doesn't kill us to rummage around a little now does it?
My closet is a mess and needs to be emptied of things I haven't worn in ages, which would probably help me with the putting the laundry away thing, since there actually would be room to hang things up!
The truth be told, the reason the laundry and closet thing are such issues are because I am not an organized thinker, I am just a thinker, so it is hard to come up with a practical system of storage. Hence my food pantry issues too which is also on my "list".
I have still been exercising inside, using my dvd's, but I am counting the days till I can resume my outside morning walks which clear my mind and help me to focus throughout the day!
Sorry for my whining! I know that I have nothing to complain about since my husband actually works OUTSIDE and IN cars and has managed to do so this summer without complaining or whining at all!
Alls I can say now is thank God for the invention of AC and we can make it to the days of September, where in Alabama, the high 90 degree weather usually fades in to the high 80s, then the low 80s, then the beautiful, glorious 70s!
I love you Fall and can't wait till you get here!


  1. Good for you that you are still exercising! Just know that I feel your pain!! I am so ready for Summer to end!

  2. I know that you have actually had it hotter than us for a change, but it is still hot here too. How did you survive when the A/C went out on you? I probably would have killed someone.(j/k) Did you spend your days inside of air conditioned stores? I couldn't imagine being Ray and having to work outside, inside of hot cars. And don't worry about your list, it can wait until the weather cools and you can enjoy being outdoors again. I am looking forward to more pictures when you go on your morning walks.

  3. humidity zaps my motivation too...i get completely cranky and lethargic. good for you for sticking with the exercising though, i for one am thoroughly impressed!

  4. Heat and humidity can drink the life right out of a good plan! Stay inside, wait for fall..especially after it starts getting dark and you can't be outside! October is just the bet!

  5. The heat and humidity just sucks every ounce of energy out of me, too. I think this is the worst summer ever. Cooler weather will bring renewed enthusiasm for cleaning and for making things.

  6. Nancy, we have a small window unit in the living room to help cool the front of the house when it is so hot and humid, so I parked myself in that room and even slept on the couch for a while at night when the ceair didn't work at all! Thank the Lord it was fixed inexpensively the next day!

  7. that was me not Ray who commented above! :)