Friday, July 23, 2010

bike fashion

bike fashion, originally uploaded by dutch blue.

If I owned a bike, and if I could ride a bike, I would want to do something like this to it!
(because of my unusual childhood, I never really learned how) (although at 16 my friend tried to teach me but after a good fall, I was done!)
I realllly want to get an old farty adult trike to ride around town! A friend of ours just got one for 40.00 and all I could think was , "Thou shalt not covet your neighbors really cool vintage trike, "Thou shalt not covet your neighbors really cool vintage trike, "
Here in Alabama it is rare to see one, but of course when I lived in Florida, they did abound with silver haired riders and big flags flying, I think to avoid being run over by crazy Florida drivers!


  1. I actually LOL'd!!! I think I can picture you chanting while trying not to envision the trike! But, one thing stood out to me and it's from the picture you posted up there... WHO IN THE WORLD RIDES ANY BIKE WITH HEELS ON?? Just asking the questions is all... lol
    Love you... Hope you get a bike that you LOVE!!
    And when you get one... this crazy Florida driver is going to take a drive up there!! ;)

  2. I know Rachel! I can't even just walk around with heels on!!

  3. I haven't ridden a bike in years but when we were kids we rode them all over town. We were free and independent and we always felt safe. Those were the days.

  4. Cindy said that the trike was almost harder to keep balanced on the road than a regular bike. You can still learn to ride, get a bike and when we move there we can go together.

  5. Now those are some fancy-schmancy bike "clothes" you found! Funny!

    I bet you could learn to ride now...just start on something that you can touch the ground on.
    (Or you could get training wheels...nah, bad idea!)

    You surely do have a knack for finding cool things!

  6. ahh! so cool!!! my bike wouldn't look cool with all of that stuff though... it's too sporty...

    you could probably learn to ride... it isn't hard once you get the gist of it!!

    the trike sounds cool!!!