Monday, July 19, 2010

beautiful view...great food...16 deer... good coffee..rainbow!.

see the deer eating from Ray's hand on the right?

like a deer in the headlights!
On Sunday afternoon,we were trying to figure out where to go for lunch and as usual, nothing in town seemed appealing, so...we ended up going with Jenny and Rachel to Lake Guntersville ( little less than an hour away) for their brunch. The food was great and the girls really enjoyed it and the fantastic view from the Lodge patio. (Jenny is my youngest daughter and Rachel is like our third daughter as she has lived with our family for about 10 years, moving in when her mom who is a good friend, moved to Washington state)
Last week Ray and I saw two deer run across the road in the park and we were hoping to see some again for Jenny and Rachel to see, and boy, we got way more than we were hoping for! At first we just saw a few in the woods and pulled the car over to get out and have a better view, when they started walking towards us. We were at the edge of the camping area, and apparently many deer come to graze there because people sprinkle grain for them to eat. Yesterday as we looked with astonishment, deer after deer emerged from the wood to cross the road, and go right past us to get some of that grain. My husband even got a few of them to eat from his hand! We went to the campground store to buy some bread (whole wheat) and drove back to see if the deer were interested in our meager offerings , and they were! They surrounded the car and one ate out of Ray's hand! We stopped counting at 16! 16 deer within reach of us with their beautiful "doe eyes" and graceful ways! After an hour or so of this we left to head towards home and stopped for some coffee at Jamokas in Boaz and it was actually delicious! Wow, what a day! Then we saw a rainbow in the sky from the road!
I can't help but feel that God gives us these little blessings to bring us some joy or just a smile on our faces. After all, we are so happy to do something sweet for our friends, family, kids or grand kids and we especially love seeing the delight they get from these things! I guess, it is something that He has put in our hearts that gives us a tiny glimpse of heaven!


  1. I really like the part about God giving us this cool stuff to bring us joy or just put a smile on our faces. I love giving my friends or loved ones a gift that they really enjoy, the look on their faces, so I know what u mean! Rachel R

  2. Love it mama!! -jenny

  3. You are so fortunate to experience two of nature's miracles in the same afternoon. Photo almost looks like it was a double rainbow!

  4. Very eventful day...sounds lovely. Beautiful rainbow picture!

  5. what great adventures! glad to hear they brought a smile to your face :)

  6. What a glorious day you must have had. Nature is certainly a very beautiful thing. x