Friday, June 4, 2010

Martha, You Inspire Me!

Martha's Apple Pie
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Enamel Look Bottles
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I just love to watch the Martha Stewart Show! Even though, I am nothing like her. She is classy, I am not. She is organized, I am not. She is a perfectionist, I am not. She is sophisticated, I am not. She is a business woman, I am not. And on, and on, and on... But, she is crafty,so am I . She likes to save money on things, so do I. She likes learning new things, so do I. She likes teaching things, I like learning things!
It was Martha who first introduced me to ETSY, that wonderful handcrafted businesses site where I now have two shops. Martha often has ETSY shop owners on her show demonstrating their handiwork. As a matter of a fact I am not sure what other TV talk show has so much instruction on it! I really think there needs to be a CRAFT network out there in satellite land, and I am surprised Martha hasn't already started one! (hint, hint Martha!)
Last winter, Martha had a huge craft show with her employees doing the selling and I saw some cool scarves made with GIANT knitting needles and that made me immediately go find some huge needles I had purchased and never used and try to conquer my mental block on knitting. ( I find crocheting easier, but always wanted to knit)
Now, Martha obviously has the BEST staff working for her, because her products in craft stores are beautiful, relevant and well made and her household items are just as lovely.
Now, don't you worry and think that I idolize her or anything, she is way too proper for my liking, but I appreciate someone who wants to pass on the old fashioned virtues of cooking, baking, crafting, gardening and such. But starting my day on four hours of sleep is not appealing to me, so I will just let Martha do that!


  1. Gotta love Martha! hahaha I love to hate her and mention her often on my blog. haha Oh I wished there was a Craft Network too! I'd probably never get anything done though. It seems that HGTV, FLN, etc.. has taken off the craft shows. I used to watch (or at least listen to) Carol Duval at 6am while getting ready for work! Now I work at home, no craft shows. Darn the bad luck! haha

  2. She's an industry, there's no doubt. The craft network idea is brilliant. I think you should pitch the Etsy network!

  3. I watch Martha whenever I catch her on tv. She always has a nifty idea or two up her sleeve.

  4. Ooooh, I love the idea of a craft network!!

  5. Dolly, a craft network...great idea, you should work on that. I rarely ever watch Martha but I do like her tips. I have a few of her books on decorating for Christmas.

  6. I love Martha too! It would be great to have a craft channel or a Martha channel- wouldn't it?

  7. I can't even imagine having a pie that amazing looking to eat. It looks fake. In the best possible way.