Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day Four!

taken this AM with cell phone, if you click on it to make it bigger it will look awful!

Another morning I jumped out of bed, and BEFORE showering, went for a 50 minute walk! It was more muggy out today, so it felt harder, but I kept pushing myself, telling myself that I could do it and wouldn't die or anything if I kept going! Thanks again so much to all the encouraging comments! You have no idea what they mean to me! Let me know how you are doing too!


  1. Go Darlene, go! I'm walking a lot today...up and down the stairs with laundry, through the grocery aisles, with the pooch, etc.! Not as good as what you're doing but it's something.

  2. Awesome! and OH those Hydrangeas! Gorgeous!

  3. Wow!! I am starting to get motivated by you- I really need to start walking...